Have No Fear . . . Transportation is Here!

by Emily Sager, Office Coordinator at the Liberal Arts in Practice Center

Have a liberal arts in practice experience in mind but no way to get there? Have no fear, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center (LAPC) vehicles are here to your rescue! The LAPC has three vehicles for students, staff, and faculty to use. Below are pictures of our sweet rides…

  1. The Blue Honda (a.k.a Handy Smurf)
  2. The Gray Hyundai (a.k.a. The Shark)
  3. The Silver Toyota (a.k.a. The Silver Fox)


Career Peer Advisor Sophie Hale Brown . . . and Handy Smurf!

First you are thinking, How much do these sweet rides cost? You can use these rides for the amazing price of gas.  (The boring, official answer…it is your responsibility to fill the car with gas after each use.)

Next you are thinking, Can I use these rides? What’s the catch? Cars can be used for most liberal arts in practice experiences as long as you are an approved driver through security and meet with the LAPC Office Coordinator.

(The boring, official answer… Cars are available on a first-come, first served basis by prior reservation with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center Office Coordinator. Prior to first usage, all drivers must be registered with the college and approved by the Liberal Arts in Practice Center Office Coordinator.)

Field Experience Grant Assistant Eddie Otto, and the Shark!

LAPC cars may be used by students, faculty, and staff for liberal arts in practice activities including (but not limited to) community-based learning activities, conferences, workshops, and professional development opportunities such as job interviews, internships, job shadowing and informational interviews.  

LAPC cars may be used by students for transportation to sites within 1 hour from Beloit College as estimated by Google Maps. Trips to more distant locations require the participation of a faculty or staff member and prior consent from the Director of Community-Based Learning.

Don’t let transportation keep you from exploring and connecting. Come see the Liberal Arts in Practice Office Coordinator (me!) or contact me at sagere@beloit.edu and I will do my best to get you set up with one of our sweet rides to get you going on your next adventure!

Go- connect, reflect, and transfer!

Feature Image: Campus Community Outreach Coordinator Leah Mellett . . . and the Silver Fox!!!!