5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier: November Edition

by Sophie Hale-Brown ’18

Thanksgiving plans are in the making, the leaves have abruptly dropped, and extra blankets are coming out for Netflix binging. November is officially here, so…

Once again, we stopped students as they were roaming about campus to ask them what information they wish they knew earlier about living and learning at Beloit. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you’ve most likely had a moment where you thought, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that?”  Well, good news. This is a summary of information that could transform your November.

Did you know?

  • After your first semester at Beloit, you are eligible to move into special interest houses, sororities, or fraternities. If you think you might be interested in living in one of these houses, try attending an event there and ask about housing applications to express your interest.
  • Each general requirement (1S, 2A, 3B, 4U, 5T) must be satisfied by a course in a different discipline (e.g., ANTH, CRIS, RLST, RUSS, TDMS, etc.).
  • There’s a lot of flexibility built into Beloit’s curriculum, and it’s possible to pursue your own special project.  Talk to/work alongside one of your favorite professors and see how you can explore a subject of interest.
  • The Accounting Office is a wonderful place! They sell rolls of quarters, which can be used for laundry; they also offer Van Galder bus tickets at a discounted rate. Stock up on quarters to save time, and buy your travel tickets early to save money. Over the course of your time at Beloit, these savings will really add up!
  • In the past, Beloit had multiple, topic-specific libraries because no building was large enough to house all of the college’s books. In 1935, DK’s used to be a science library, as you can see in the image below.  (Photo credit: Beloit College Archives). Pearsons Science Library 1935