by the Liberal Arts in Practice Center

This and every year the Liberal Arts in Practice Center strives to be a creative clearinghouse for liberal arts in practice opportunities, as well as a catalyst for LAP partnerships in and out of Beloit’s classrooms.

At the end of each academic year we run our programming numbers excited to find out where we’re meeting our mission, and where we have opportunities to move our mission forward.  If you have some time, we’d like to point you to some highlights of just how we have supported student learning this past year.

So do you have a minute?  Great!  Here goes:

LAPC Annual Report 16-17 (4)

There are a lot more metrics that we can point to, and will, in our annual reporting.  But here we’d like to direct your attention to one really amazing number–the number of alumni that have worked with our office to support student learning:


At our final count, 268 alumni worked with our office staff to provide liberal arts in practice opportunities for current Beloit students. While we know that’s only a small fraction of the alumni actually supporting student learning around campus through various departments and programs, we still think that’s pretty amazing.

Want to know who they are?  Want to see some of the many ways that you can get involved?  Check out our Liberal Arts in Practice Catalysts Booklet on the LAPC webpage.


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