Congratulations to the twelve students awarded participation in the 2017 Sophomore Shadow Program, and to each of the 34 students who submitted full applications after their nomination by a faculty or staff member!

 During this year’s Sophomore Shadow program, they will job shadow in Portland Oregon and San Francisco, California, over spring break 2017 (March 6-10).  During their week in these cities, the students will shadow alumni and friends of Beloit who are working in any number of sectors related to their interests, passions, and professional goals.

Read a little bit more about them below!

Courtney Bingham, ’19 I am hoping to find an understanding of what I can within the fields I am interested in: Media Studies and Critical Identity Studies. I hope to gain a little clarity about my own future while following alumni go throughout their days. Overall the experience, if very positive, could motivate me in my studies. I hope I could also make some great networking connections that could lead to a summer job, research opportunity, internship, or future job.”

Rita Cheng, ’19 “In my less than two years at Beloit, my experience has consisted of advocacy and involvement. I am an intended Political Science and Sociology double major because I want to address social inequality. […] Especially in today’s political climate, I find it increasingly important to uplift women and minorities and to advocate for intersectional activism.”

Martha Denne, ’19 “I don’t think this is a unique case at a school like Beloit, but both Studio Art and Environmental Studies are not just majors for me, means to an end like a career out of school; they are two huge passions of mine that have massive influence in how I choose to live my life outside of academics. An opportunity to network with alumni could absolutely help me integrate my interests and experiences and think deeper about how to go forward in vocational exploration and career planning […] Even if I shadowed someone who wasn’t directly involved in environmental studies and/or studio art, just the experience of seeing and interacting professionally with someone beyond Beloit would be really helpful as I move towards the second half of my time at college; it could help me in widening my search and plans for a future career path.”

Ivan Daniel Gradjansky, ’19 “I hope that I can better understand what economists do in their jobs so that I can better understand what I might do in the future. Since I have only been interested in economics for a short period by working with economists in some capacity I hope that I will be more informed as to whether I actually want to study economics, or if it would be prudent of me to change my course of studies. Also, by working with economists I will have a better understanding of what economists do, and how my studies apply to the real world.”

Kaleb Lamar Pullam, ’19  “A Political Science and History major, I believe that field experience and the opportunity to learn first hand from knowledgeable and accomplished individuals in the field […] is priceless in value. With this experience in hand I will be more able to plan a trajectory in the field of Law, have a tangible reminder of what I am working towards, build connections that may be beneficial in future internships and summer opportunities, and perhaps most importantly for a low income minority student like myself, be able to acclimate myself and learn how to occupy a space and navigate in a field in which a vast majority of individuals will not be from the same background as myself.”

Claire Ramos, ’19  “Last year, I spent a year volunteering in a migrant shelter in southern Mexico and learned a lot about human rights and the experiences of people trying to migrating to the U.S. Going on the [Sophomore Job Shadow Program] will be a great way to implement what I learned and apply it further to my studies in International Relations with a focus of human rights. I hope to learn more about what life looks like after college and how to transform my interests in human rights in migration into a career path.”

Hernan Santacruz, ’19  “I believe that shadowing for a week during my spring semester will contribute to my academic performance as a Business Economics major because it will expand my network of potential career […] opportunities after graduation and will certainly prepare me for the course-work I plan on taking on the future, not only on an undergraduate level. Without a doubt, being a part of a fantastic experience like job shadowing will allow me to thrive as a student and as an individual with high ambitions.”

Kaung (Nicholas) Shein, ’19  “I am embarking on a workload a bit more than I could handle, and I’m loving every bit of it. I am the Vice President of Chinese Club, Pre-Med Rep. of Pre-Health Professions Club, and Publicity Manager of SPIEL. On top of that, I am a Biochemistry and Studio Art double major on a Pre-Med track. It has been a very eventful second year of my undergraduate education so far. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to branch out while I am pursuing on a very specific career. In spite of the difference in the fields I’m in, they are connected to each other in a big interconnected web. That, I think, is the epitome of liberal arts in practice.”

Tallulah Shepherd, ’19 I’m hoping to leave this program with a greater understanding of the realities of my industry. […] Beloit College has an excellent program, but it is focused on one area of computing, as it has to be. I want to be exposed to other areas, other techniques, and really understand what it means to work in Computer Science […]. I also know that being a woman in this industry is not considered the most welcomed role, and I’d like to get a feel for that now, and really work on my techniques to combat that for when I actually enter the workforce. Ideally, I would get to shadow a woman in Computer Science, and be able to develop an understanding of the real situation from her, but given how rare women in computing are, I understand that’s a hard request to fill.

Dana Stahl, ’19  I am a Health and Society major, but I am currently undecided about whether or not I want to be a medical doctor or work in public health. […] By talking with someone who potentially has a perspective on both types of careers, I will be able to explore which side of the equation would fit my goals better.  In the future I want to work to make the health of people in the LGBT community better. I have done a lot of research on LGBT health and the discrepancies that exist due to the community’s marginalization has impassioned me to work toward change. […] I am hoping that this trip will provide me with the chance to envision my future in more detail and therefore place my goals in a realistic and achievable plan.”

Farhan Tahir, ’19 I am an international student at Beloit. I came here to take advantage of the diverse and liberal experience along with leadership opportunities that I could learn and implement back at home. […] As a Business Economics major, I think it would be a great experience to see the economic principles that I’ve learned in my classes actually getting implemented by companies. It would help me gain first hand industry knowledge from an organization and professionals. It would act as a bridge between college and the professional world. All in all, my confidence would boost up significantly while achieving a sense of accomplishment by contributing to a professional person or organization.”

Yizhe (Katie) Li, ’19  “My biggest investment here on campus is the experience at Beloit, being at a liberal arts college is so different than being at a university in my homeland of China. I grew up in a city and I never really had a close community around me that can support and teach me in so many different ways. As an International Relations major, I figured that it’s important to know different issues around the world, but what’s more important to me is to see the essence of those complicated issues and be able to truly understand people from different regions. Sophomore Shadow is a great opportunity to know more about how people put theories into practice, and how people make connections between their majors and their jobs. Through the stay with an alumni, I want to know how they handle/balance their career with their social/personal life. (Since the destinations are either Portland or San Francisco, it’s interesting to know their transition from being at Beloit to being in a big city).


The Sophomore Shadow Program is co-sponsored by the Liberal Arts in Practice Center, the Office of International Education, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relationships, through the generosity of the Bacon Know-Thyself and Weissberg Human Rights funds.

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