Welcome back to “The FEG Experience;” a podcast series in which we follow five Beloit College students who have received the Field Experience Grant. Throughout these episodes, we’ll learn what these students did with the grant, their advice for future FEG recipients and how the grant affected their lives as Beloit College students.

In our last episode, our five students discussed budgeting and financially planning for their field experiences. This week we’re going to get a little bit more explicit. I’m talking about the ‘f-word.’ You know? Failure?

But here at the LAPC, we’re not afraid of that word. Some might argue that we embrace it! In fact, we would like to introduce a synonym for the word. Call it ‘unexpected opportunity’ or ‘a blessing in disguise.’ In this episode our five students tell us stories about how they flipped their unforeseen circumstances into learning opportunities.

Madeline Gaebler, ’19



Jesse Wiles, ’19img_0296


Josie Hirsch, ’18

1959729_1087252301285572_8980915346684692951_nShruti Bakre, ’19


Kirsten Tuck, ’17


In our next episode, we’ll be discussing the future–more along the lines of the short-term future. A grant like this opens a lot of doors for students and provides FEG recipients with a fantastic opportunity, especially when they return to campus. Join us next week as we take a look into what’s next for our five students now that they’ve had their experiences.

The FEG Experience, brought to you by the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.

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