Podcast by Eddie Otto, ’18

Welcome back to “The FEG Experience;” a podcast series in which we follow five Beloit College students who have received the Field Experience Grant. Throughout these episodes, we’ll learn what these students did with the grant, their advice for future FEG recipients and how the grant affected their lives as Beloit College students.

In our last episode, we listened to our five students as they shared their experiences and advice during the grant writing process. One incredibly important aspect of that proposal is budgeting. Putting together a realistic budget for your Field Experience Grant is an incredibly common issue for students. And its true. It’s not just as easy as putting a spending list together. In this episode, our five FEG students will explain their experiences as they put together a budget for their proposal.

Madeline Gaebler, ’19


Jesse Wiles, ’19


Josie Hirsch, ’18


Shruti Bakre, ’19


Kirsten Tuck, ’17


In our next episode, we’ll be discussing something that we’ve begun to hear about throughout this episode. Something that should scare you-FAILURE! Just kidding, failure shouldn’t scare you. It’s not surprising that things go wrong with projects all the time. However, maybe after next weeks episode, you’ll begin to understand that failure is actually a blessing in disguise. Join us next week as our five students tell us stories about how they turned their unforeseen errors and circumstances, into success.

The FEG Experience, brought to you by the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.

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