Podcast by Eddie Otto, ’18

Welcome back to “The FEG Experience;” a podcast series in which we follow five Beloit College students who have received the Field Experience Grant. Throughout these episodes, we’ll learn what these students did with the grant, their advice for future FEG recipients and how the grant affected their lives as Beloit College students.

In our last episode, we met our five students and heard a little slice of what they did with their grant. Now, we’re finally getting to the grant itself…well the proposal that is. We’ll get some advice from our five students in regards to how they went about writing their grant proposals.

Madeline Gaebler, ’19


Jesse Wiles, ’19


Josie Hirsch, ’18


Shruti Bakre, ’19


Kirsten Tuck, ’17


In our next episode, we’ll be discussing money; more specifically, budgeting. One of the most common questions from FEG students is how to put together a realistic budget for their Field Experience. Although it may sound fool-proof, you’d be surprised how complicated it can be. Join us next week as our five students tackle this issue and provide advice and examples from their experiences.

The FEG Experience, brought to you by the Liberal Arts in Practice Center at Beloit College.

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