The Liberal Arts in Practice Center and the Department of Development and Alumni Relations are delighted to announce that this year’s Chicago Field Day will be held Saturday, November 19.

34A4564-683x1024Participants will attend Albany Park Theater Project’s Learning Curve.  The MacArthur Genius Award-winning theater program will perform the play within the leanring spaces of Ellen Gates Starr High School.  The play explores issues of equity and identity within Chicago Public Schools.  Current Beloit student JP Marquez developed several scenes as a Albany Park Troupe Member.

Students will also attend a Young Alumni panel and Alumni Reception from 6:00-8:00 at the ACM Offices.  The Young Alumni Panel will feature Danny Hodorowski ’14Becca Kilcoyne ’16and Erin Watson ’11 among several other alum, yet confirmed.

Students who participate in Chicago Field Day will also have an option to participate in either of the following workshops:
mary_scott-boria_1-fullReading a City: From the Literal to Representational
Mary Scott Boria, Scholar in Residence within the ACM Chicago Program, will lead us on an exploration of this city with many stories- from the Southside to the far north, and the scenic lakefront to the western city boundaries. We will look at how the iconic map of Chicago, a city of neighborhoods, can help us read the social, political and literal dynamics of place.
Interplaying with the After College Dreams
Alum Agnotti Cowie ’09 will lead an interactive workshop in which participants will engage in their own stories and movements to gain a deep understanding of the life they want to lead after college. This workshop will be a space for exploring how we want to interact with our communities, ourselves, work places and different spheres. InterPlay is a system of tools and games created over 25 years ago to bring people back to the root of humanity through spontaneous storytelling, movement and vocal play. It is used as a way of creating community as well as a tool for social engagement. It brings play back into activism.

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