Caitlin Paterson, ’15

As a young alum Adrian Peil’16, has exemplified both the spirit of Beloit College’s Liberal

adrian peil
Adrian Peil ’16

Arts in Practice, and as President Scott Bierman so often states, leading a life of purposeful consequence. Adrian was a Media Studies Major and played baseball for Beloit College, and during the spring semester of his senior year he decided to begin volunteering with Agrace Hospice and Palliative Care in Madison. His goal was to simultaneously begin building his career in media and serve Agrace’s community by creating instructional and inspirational videos for staff and volunteers at Agrace. We sat down with Adrian to discuss how this volunteering has impacted both his Beloit College experience and his career trajectory as a young alum:

Why did you decide to become a volunteer for Agrace?

I decided to become a volunteer with Agrace for a few reasons. For one, I was informed about some different video projects that Agrace wished to do and I felt that I could really help with that goal. Volunteering as a videographer worked hand in hand with my pursuit of a media studies major at Beloit College. I was able to get more real life experience agraceworking in a professional setting as well as putting out videos that could really help out the caregivers and volunteers that make up the heart of Agrace. Another reason that I volunteered was because two years ago my grandma had gone through hospice and I remember how comfortable the staff had made her experience as well as my families. Later on, I found out that most of the “staff” had been made up of volunteers. I was amazed with the amount of impact that those volunteers had on us and I wanted to be able to have the same positive impact on others.

Did you feel that Agrace made good use of your talents?

Absolutely.  Everything is done so professionally at Agrace and I felt that time was never wasted and everything I was doing was going to good use.  I also felt that even though I was making a product for Agrace I had a lot of free range to be creative and to put a lot of my own ideas into the product.  I definitely appreciated the way in which the process of creation went and I think it made the whole process go very smoothly.  The only challenges I really felt were occasionally it was a challenge to find times that worked for filming because of the distance between Beloit and Madison as well as being a student athlete.  That being said, the people I worked with at Agrace were very understanding and when I was able to come film we were able to do it very efficiently and I was able to use my talents with Agrace as well as still continuing to complete all my school work and retain my commitment to playing baseball.

 Would you encourage others, especially students, to volunteer with us?

I would definitely encourage others to volunteer at Agrace. It’s amazing that an organization that provides such an important and honorable service is made up of people who are willing to give their time and effort to keep Agrace’s mission going strong. As I have found through my time with Agrace, being a volunteer has its own returns and knowing that the time you spent volunteering has helped make someone’s experience a little better or a patient’s time a little easier is payment in itself.

There are also so many different opportunities for people of any age to use their talents. Besides doing what I do, there are volunteers who play music, cook, work in the gardens, or just talk to the patients and their families. For younger people, sometimes it might seem like your schedule just won’t allow for any time volunteering.  The volunteer coordinators at Agrace are very understanding and they work with your schedule so that you can come help to the best of your abilities.  Another great reason for younger people to volunteer is because your experience is something that can come in handy when applying to colleges or jobs. Between working for a good cause, having meaningful experiences, and helping your future goals volunteering at Agrace is a wonderful opportunity.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities at Agrace and other community organizations, please visit the CCOC (housed in the LAPC), or contact Megan Muthupandiyan at or 608-363-2556.

Additionally, check out the Activities Fair on September 10th from 12-3 pm in the Science Center to meet and speak with representatives from Agrace and other community organizations.


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