2019 Spring Semester Blood Drive

By Layna Thompson, ’22

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, Beloit College is hosting a Campus Blood Drive in partnership with the Rock River Valley Blood Center (RRVBC). The drive will be located in the Mather’s A and B Annex in Pearsons Hall from 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted if time permits. The entire process from registration to clearance takes about one hour.

It is recommended that donors are well-rested, hydrated, and eat a meal or filling snack before participating in the blood drive. In addition to these guidelines, please bring a valid ID as well.  Avoid donating before class or practice, as the process time can vary based on personal blood flow and recovery rate. Sign up to donate here!

Last semester’s blood drive, 28 donors were able to give blood, saving about 84 lives. The RRVBC distributes the donated blood across 8 hospitals in Wisconsin – each requires about 1,000 pints of blood per week, a Donor Representative at RRVBC explained. As blood cannot be artificially reproduced, it is especially important that enough people donate so the requirement is met.

“I donate blood because a family member of mine was very sick and was saved by donated blood”, says Alexis Kosik ‘19.

She encourages anyone who is able to donate to attend the blood drive on Tuesday. Along with the statistical benefits of donating blood, students at Beloit add that it feels good to do so as well! Donating blood means making a difference in only an hour of your day.

Personally, I am planning to donate blood at this semester’s blood drive. It will be my first time doing so. Alexis suggests bringing a friend if you’re nervous.

The RRVBC staff is very friendly, efficient, and helpful, so if you’re worried about donating, they are happy to comfort you throughout the process.
If you are unable to donate on the Tuesday, you can make an appointment at RRVBC.org or call (815)-965-8751 to donate at the RRVBC.

Special thanks to Tara Girard, Namoonga Mantina, and Alexis Kosik for information regarding this article.