5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier: October Edition

by Sophie Hale-Brown ’18

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, Halloween is fast approaching, and the Beloit Farmers’ Market is coming to an end. (Be sure to mark your calendars for the final market of the season on October 28! Kids and parents roam about in their Halloween garb, and it’s one of the cutest local events of the year.)

As part of our continuing monthly series, “5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier,” we once again stopped students as they were roaming about campus to ask them what information they wish they knew earlier about living and learning at Beloit. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you’ve most likely had a moment where you thought, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that?” Well, good news. We hope the useful tidbits below will transform your October.

Did you know?

  • Every year, Beloit invites a few remarkable speakers to campus. UPCOMING: October 24-27 is the Miller Upton Forum, featuring this year’s Upton Scholar, Michael Greenstone. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Greenstone served as the Chief Economist for President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, and also served on the Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board. Dr. Greenstone’s keynote address will take place on Friday, October 27 at 7 p.m. in the Science Center Atrium. All are welcome to attend.
  • If you are a sophomore and have completed your FYI requirements, you are eligible to apply for a Venture Grant for up to $2,000. This grant supports summer opportunities between a student’s sophomore and junior year. View recent grant winners here to get inspiration for your own project.
  • If you want to do a summer internship, now is a good time to start thinking about it. Talk to your professors and connect with the LAPC for resources to search for internships related to your interests. There are several grants available through the Common Grant application to support projects and internships.
  • Ice can be a hot commodity on campus (pun intended). Luckily, there is an ice machine available for student use (and bags to transport the ice) located in the lower lever hallway of the Sports Center.
  •  For those who don’t drink milk (or who want a shorter line), Milkshake Mondays offers a vegan option! Be speedy, go vegan.